How To Sell To A DiSC® Profile “C” Style.


DiSC Profile Conscientiousness StyleThe “Conscientiousness,” or “C” DiSC Profile Style individual, is quality-focused, slow-paced, methodical, and task-oriented.  They focus on the details and are primarily concerned about doing things the “right” or “correct way” every time.  These individuals are overly analytical and frequently set much higher standards for themselves than others and are detail oriented to a fault.

You can recognize them as being very reserved and more indirect than other styles.  These people present a formal front, with a closed posture and “can’t read” facial expressions.   They don’t like to express their feelings readily.

Selling to the “C” Style:

When selling to the “C” style, make sure you have your facts straight.  You’ll need to answer analytical questions, showing references where possible.  These individuals don’t need you to socialize with them – they really don’t want you to.  These people want you to provide detailed information in order to make a correct buying decision.  Then they will thoroughly assess your information before coming to a conclusion.  Be slow-paced and formal in your approach with them – don’t become overly enthusiastic or animated.  Focus instead on facts, logic, and detailed analysis.

Do’s & Don’ts

Most salespeople tend to sell to others the way they would like someone to sell to them.  That’s not going to work!   In sales it’s important to remember this rule:  “Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.”


  • Focus on “why”
  • Use a logical approach
  • Answer questions accurately
  • Provide evidence of quality


  • Be overly enthusiastic or social
  • Be unprepared or lack product knowledge
  • Appear disorganized
  • Rush decision-making

For help in understanding your sales style and to improve your selling See: Everything DiSC Sales Profile.

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