How Does The Team Dimensions 2.0 Profile Work? – Part I

Rowing Shows TeamworkThe Team Dimensions 2.0 Profile identifies four distinct approaches to thinking and behavioral styles among people involved in a team process.  It is used for team development.  The four approaches are:

  • Conceptual Approach – People who take a Conceptual Approach like to come up with new ideas.  They’re good at exploring alternatives and discussing concepts when presented with a problem or an opportunity.
  • Spontaneous Approach – People who take the Spontaneous Approach want freedom from constraint.  They tend to move from one subject to another, focusing on many things at once and sometimes showing impatience.
  • Normative Approach – People who take a Normative Approach prefer to put ideas in a familiar context.  They tend to let their past experience guide them, and they like to see the consequences before they act.
  • Methodical Approach – People who take a Methodical Approach prefer order and rationality.  When presented with a problem or opportunity, they tend to follow a step-by-step process, examining the details and carefully considering things before acting.

Typically, people tend to use two or more Approaches when working on a team.  The integration of approaches defines the roles of team members.  This information helps team development and the creation of a stronger and more cohesive team.

Part II of this post will discuss the identification of the Four Basic Roles shown in the results of the Team Dimensions 2.0 Profile.

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