Everything DiSC Workplace® Training Kit

Office WorkersWhat Is DiSC?
DiSC is a behavioral assessment tool used worldwide by businesses, non-profit companies, government agencies and independent coaches to help people learn to work together more effectively. One of the most important questions about any assessment is: how well does it measure what it claims to measure? And more appropriately “how reliable is this tool”?

Reliability and Validity
Psychological instruments are used to measure abstract qualities that we can’t see–like intelligence, honesty, extroversion or introversion. How are DiSC assessments validated? It can be tricky.

Validation is the process through which researchers assess the quality of a psychological instrument by testing the tool against different standards. This post is designed to help you understand these different standards DiSC assessments are extensively researched and tested over time to maintain the highest standards of instrument development and application through very careful research and development processes.

Studies indicate Everything DiSC is a highly reliable tool and valid in terms of statistical analysis and in terms of actual feedback from people with first-hand, real-world experience.

Everything DiSC
Each Everything DiSC instrument uses an application-specific model to give context to the report interpretation and helps participants see the immediate relevance of DiSC to their field or profession. Based on scientific approaches to assess personality and with the knowledge on how to develop critical interpersonal business skills, the Everything DiSC instruments allow people to understand themselves and others much better.

Have you ever worked with someone you couldn’t figure out or had a boss you couldn’t seem to get through to? The Everything DiSC Workplace Profile helps you understand different behavioral styles and use that knowledge to build effective, productive working relationships.

The application-specific model used in the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile helps people better understand how they approach their work. The 20-page workplace-specific report helps participants explore the priorities that drive them and identifies three key strategies—based on individual DiSC profiles.

The Everything DiSC Workplace Training Kit
The Everything DiSC Workplace Training Kit provides tools and materials to facilitate training sessions that teach others to discover how their personality style can impact workplace relationships and priorities. The sessions will help participants learn what works for them, as well as what challenges they may face when working with different personality styles.

Participants will create effective strategies and action plans to overcome those challenges. There’s also an optional module on reading people that covers learning to identify styles based on behavioral cues and how to interact effectively with each one.

The training kit is simple to use and easy to customize, set up with three 90-minute modules. It includes a facilitation guide that has activities and workplace-focused videos, as well as the optional 30-minute people-reading module.

Use this workplace training kit to help others gain insights into their behavioral strengths and challenges, to improve communication, reduce conflict, and build teams. By applying what they learn, individuals can become better managers and leaders. The Kit provides you with everything you need to deliver memorable training experiences: Facilitation Script, PowerPoints with embedded video and handouts for the participants to work with.


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