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On July 21, 2012 Everything DiSC Profiles began using Adaptive Testing (AT) and a new, more sophisticated scoring algorithm to give participants the most precise DiSC style assignment possible. The adaptive testing (AT) assessment data is currently being used in all Everything DiSC Profiles to provide even more precise dot placement on the respondent’s Everything DiSC map. All of the Everything DiSC Profiles will change gradually over time to incorporate additional data and feedback. The new data will be incorporated into not just dot placement, but also into assigning additional shading and priorities on the Everything DiSC map when appropriate. Respondents will be able to see all of their priorities reflected in their feedback, even if they prioritize things that aren’t usual for their styles.

Now we’re ready to launch the AT updates to the Everything DiSC Management Profile to provide participants with the benefits of adaptive testing and align with the improvements made to the Everything DiSC Workplace and Everything DiSC Work of Leaders programs.

Adaptive testing produces more precise results, which in turn provides a better experience for the user. The biggest benefit of adaptive testing is a more precise measurement. Increased personalization based on this greater precision and accuracy leads to a more accurate profile and more satisfied participants. When the Everything DiSC Management Profile is updated on October 31, 2013, respondents will be able to see all of their priorities reflected in their feedback.

For example, someone whose assessment results indicate a high i style will be able to see that they also prioritize Accuracy which is typically a C priority. It’s possible that respondents can have three, four or even five priorities using adaptive testing and the updated Everything DiSC Management Profile. This is a level of precision that couldn’t be captured before. And it’s this precision in measurement and increased personalization in reporting that equals a better participant experience.

The purpose of this post is to help you more easily update any training kit materials you have customized to align with the changes in the program. With your needs in mind, part of our goal in updating the profile and the associated training kit materials was to minimize the disruption to the number and order of pages within the report. For this reason, most of the changes occur within the first six pages of the report and the associated training kit materials (Modules 1 and 2: Your DiSC Management Style).

In summary, the changes to the program include:

  • Adaptive testing. Participants will now see the effects of Adaptive Testing with more accurate results and the potential for additional priorities associated with their DiSC style.
  • A new layout and design. We’ve updated the colors and redesigned every page of the profile to make the information easier to absorb.
  • Increased personalization. We’ve added a personalized introduction, a narrative about the participant’s DiSC style and dot, and information about additional priorities (if the participant has any).
  • An overview of the DiSC styles. We’ve added an Appendix page that provides a snapshot of the four basic DiSC styles. This overview features the priorities associated with the Everything DiSC Management Profile.

Additional Changes to the Training Kit

In addition we’ve made the following changes to the Everything DiSC Management Profile Training Kit materials:

  • The USB contains a master slide deck, a master leader’s guide, and a master handout file, rather than having the slides, leader’s guide, and handouts broken into separate files by module.
  • We’ve added a reference to the profile page number to the slides to accompany the image of the page.
  • We’ve added images of the handouts to the slides when appropriate.
  • We’ve made minor layout and wording adjustments to the slides and handouts.
  • We’ve added an English subtitles version of the Build Your Own Video file to the USB. We are also continuing to provide a Build Your Own Video file without subtitles.
  • The electronic version of the user guide, video viewing guide, and sample reports (Profile, Comparison Report, and Supplement for Facilitators) are now available online through the “Everything DiSC Management Resources” link on the USB.
  • We’ve included poster templates for the “Everything DiSC Management Map” and the “Everything DiSC Management DiSC Styles Overview” images on the USB.

For a more extensive document outlining these updates download: Everything DiSC Management Program Updates

Instructions for upgrading 79-item Everything DiSC Profiles to the Adaptive Testing Version Everything DiSC Profiles


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