DiSC® Personalities: Steady and Conscientious

icon_discDo You Know What Kind of Personality You Have?

And do you know all of the positive and negative traits associated with your personality type?

If you’ve ever taken a DiSC Assessment, you might. DiSC personality tests are great for a number of reasons. For one, they can help employers know their employees better.

They can also help you understand yourself to a greater extent. We covered two personality types in the previous post, covering the traits of Dominance and influence. Learn about the last two types right here…

disc-steadiness-styleSteadiness (Calm Personality):
People with Steadiness personalities are some of the most easy going and easy to get along with. They really are steady in a number of ways, and are sometimes considered to be predictable in their actions, making them extremely reliable friends, family members, and life partners. They tend to emphasize the importance of their personal and professional relationships, working well in both a team and one on one.

A person with a steadiness personality will make a great listener, and will take everything you or anyone has to say into great consideration, and will even offer advice or assistance when and where they can. Unfortunately, people with steadiness personalities can sometimes be taken advantage of. This is most prevalent in the workplace, where their inability to say no or deny people things can lead to them being overworked, and in some cases, abused. When interacting with someone who has a steadiness personality,

it’s important to be kind, patient, and friendly. They genuinely care about the comments of others when it comes to criticism, and always want to perform to the best of their ability in everything they do.

disc-conscientiousness-styleConscientiousness (Calm Personality):
You have definitely come across a conscientious person or two in your lifetime, and probably were unaware that you did.

People who have this type of personality are extremely analytical and logical in their thought process. They also tend to have very high standards when it comes to their personal and professional lives, expecting that each side provide clear cut boundaries regarding the status of their position, the relationship, as well as what is expected on both sides. With that in mind, people with C personalities avoid argument at all costs, which can make it difficult for them to express their emotions and concerns.

While they tend to focus in on minute, specific details, many make for excellent analysts, and can find even the smallest problem in any situation. People with C personalities believe that if they produce something, it must be of high quality.

The DiSC Personality Test helps you discover your individual DiSC Style.


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