DiSC® Personalities: Dominance and influence

icon_discDiSC Isn’t Some Meaningless Word.

In terms of personality tests and assessments, DiSC stands for Dominance, influence, Steadiness, and Conscientious.

Each of the letters represented in the DiSC acronym have a number of specific traits that help to define certain personality types. If you’re wondering what some of those are, here is a short assessment of each personality in the DiSC system:

disc-dominance-styleDominance (Active Personality):
For those people who have taken the DiSC Personality Test and are listed as having a dominant personality, they tend to be very active and self-confident and involved in tasks before them.

People with dominant personalities tend to show traits like decisiveness, and are direct in their method of communication, meaning that they won’t waste their time or other people’s time. They tend to be great leaders in business, as they, for the most part, are able to visualize themselves doing things, completing tasks, and reaching their goals. Those who have dominant personalities also like to take control of situations, which make them natural born leaders. However, this can become problematic in some circumstances, as they feel threatened or insecure when they aren’t in positions of power and control.

Others who interact with dominant personality types can feel like their grievances or problems aren’t being fully listened to or taken into account. This is most prevalent in the business world, as dominant people have an instinct to guide and lead a group of workers in a particular direction, despite other, legitimate concerns. However, D personality types are “go getters,” and don’t back down from challenges or new opportunities that can advance them either personally or professionally.

disc-influence-styleinfluence (Active Personality):
People with the influence style are much like dominant people in many respects. For one, they tend to garner a large following or people who agree with their ideals and beliefs, making them seem as a source of guidance or leader.

However, they differ in many more ways. People with the i style are naturally positive, and have a natural ability to motivate and inspire others, for better or worse. They tend to contribute to group projects by suggesting unique, out of the box ideas that take a new spin on old or overused ideas.

With that in mind, people with the i style may not work well with other dominant personalities, as they might feel like they are having their creative ideas constricted and controlled. People with the i style tend to get bored easily, are often multi-tasking and may not finish things that they start.

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