Cultivate A Healthy Workplace

workplaceCultivate A Healthy Workplace
If there is one thing that is true, it is that leaders, bosses, and executives can sometimes come off as aggressive and controlling in the workplace. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, seeing as they are the captains of their ship, it might have an impact on their employees and co-workers.

According to the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile, these types of individuals frequently fall into the category of having a dominant personality. While many leaders are a mix of the four different styles, everyone can benefit by learning how to behave less aggressively and promote a healthy workplace environment and work related relationships.

Here are a few tips on how to better manage yourself in the workplace…

Listen to your employees and co-workers.
Give them the ability to voice their opinions. This is crucial to overall success and cultivating the kind of space where workers feel valued, appreciated, and understood. Whether you’re a team leader or an intern, giving everyone a fair and equal chance to voice their opinions and concerns will without a doubt promote better productivity, creativity, and ideas for various projects in the present and future. Likewise, letting others speak and be heard can open the door to possibilities that were otherwise neglected or unimagined.

Agree to disagree.
This can be tough for many people, as everyone has very strong convictions they hold onto. However, even if you think that someone else’s idea won’t work, or is wrong in some way, it is important to show them respect for their ideas and opinions, despite your own ideas and beliefs.

Watch your language
Always choose assertive words over aggressive ones. Whenever you speak, someone will be listening, which is why it is crucial that in some cases, you think about and choose your words carefully. Words have meaning to people, and if you are not careful in expressing yourself, you might hurt someone, or alter their opinion of you. In being more assertive and less aggressive, try and focus on saying things like “I noticed you were late to work this week, is everything okay?” Rather than “you were late this week, again. Try being on time.”


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