Comparing The Work Expectations Profile to The DiSC® Classic 2.0 Profile.

Work Expectations ProfileResearch was conducted to determine what relationships, if any, existed between the ten work expectations that impact today’s employment relationships—structure, diversity, recognition, autonomy, environment, expression, teamwork, stability, balance, career growth—and the four DiSC Dimensions of The DiSC Classic Profile—Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness.

Respondents to the Work Expectations Profile with high Dominance “D” or Influence “i” have high expectations in the following areas:

  • Career Growthbecause of their desire to control or influence their environment.
  • Expression and Autonomy because they perceive themselves as more powerful than their environment, therefore they prefer an environment that allows them to be themselves and want to make their own decisions.

High “D” respondents also have high Diversity and Recognition expectations.  High “D” respondents want to be in charge of their situation and may seek recognition from colleagues as an affirmation of their power.  Additionally, the correlation between diversity expectations and High “D” respondents may be explained by the fact that people with high diversity expectations realize that different views can lead to conflict, and they are eager to face challenges and overcome obstacles.  Handling multiple perspectives from diverse sources may offer High “D” respondents new opportunities for challenges.

High “i” respondents have high Diversity expectations.  They see their environment as favorable and tend to expect and enjoy interactions with different types of people.

Respondents with high Steadiness “S” and Conscientiousness “C” consider themselves less powerful than their environment and prefer to work within existing systems.  Additionally, these respondents dislike change due to their lack of control over their environment.  Respondents with High “S” and “C” tendencies have high Structure and Stability expectations.

High “S” respondents tend to see their environment as favorable and also expect their personal time to be valued by the organization.  They have high Environment and Balance expectations.

Finally, because respondents with both High “i” and “S” tend to focus on their interactions with others, they have high Teamwork Expectations.

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