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Discontinued Products Announcement from Intesi!

icon_discWiley, the publisher of the products Intesi! uses, will be discontinuing some of their older, legacy products, including both paper and EPIC versions. Many of these products were developed in the 1990s, with few or no changes outside of bringing some of them to EPIC about 10 years ago. As a result, these products are outdated, and don’t reflect Wiley’s or Intesi!’s current quality standards. In addition, the EPIC versions of these products were built using a technology which can no longer be supported on the current EPIC platform.

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Introducing Intesi! DiSC® Profile Blog

Intesi! ResourcesThis is the inaugural post for The DiSC Profile Blog by Intesi! Resources.

My name is Steve Giles, and along with my wife and business partner Debbie, are the owners and co-founders of Intesi! Resources.  We are entering our seventh year of operation.  You might be asking what in the world does Intesi! mean?  One day while we were searching for a company name I was trying to find a name that had meaning.  Debbie is from Italian heritage and I started to look through a English-Italian dictionary the we had in our library and came across the word Intesi!  Intesi! is an Italian declarative statement whose literal translation is: “Our intended meaning is understood!” and our company name was born. The fundamental core of all Intesi! DiSC Products, DiSC Assessments, and Services is the development of a true understanding of self and others – the foundation for all personal and professional success.

First a little background.  When Debbie and I first founded Intesi! we intended to be, like most of the other Authorized Inscape Distributors, corporate trainers.  It didn’t take long for us to realize that in order to properly leverage time and deliver maximum value to our future customers we needed to drastically modify our business model.  That realization, and my love for technology, led us to launch the eCommerce, web-based business we are now.  We both realized that we could create more value for our customers and become a more impactful business partner if we helped our future customers become self-sufficient in the personal and corporate use of our products instead of doing stand-up training.

We wanted to “teach our customers to fish” instead of “selling them fish.”  We continue with that philosophy today and always stand ready to answer the phone, coach and help our customers deliver increased value to their organizations, and help them become DiSC experts without the expectation of compensation or additional orders.  Thus the website you see today.  This was the best business decision we ever made and it is constantly reinforced by our customers.  See: Our Guiding Principals.

The intent of creating this blog, as we are entering the seventh year of business, was the establishment of an informal, open, frank line of communication with our customers.  We have established this blog to educate, enlighten, exchange ideas, and communicate with our customers…you the readers.  There are two ways to communicate what you want to see.  Comment on the blog posts, send us an email from Contact Intesi!, or send an email directly to me at:

To achieve that goal we need your help!  Comment on our posts, make suggestions, request subject matter that interests you…in short get involved!  If you like something tell us, if you want something in particular ask for it, if you don’t like something keep it to yourself…just kidding, please open a dialogue if you don’t like something!  Only with your participation can this blog deliver true value for you and every other reader.

Both Debbie and I would like to thank our current customers and we look forward to serving you again.  In the weeks, months, and hopefully years to come we hope this blog will reinforce our relationship with each and everyone of you.  And for you the reader with whom we have not done business with, we hope this will help you too!


Steve and Debbie Giles