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How the Time Mastery Profile helps improve time management skills.

We all face a daily dilemma:  too much to do and not enough time to do it.  Although time is not adaptable, people are.  Managing time means adapting ourselves to its passage in some satisfying manner.

Time Mastery Online ProfileThe Time Mastery Profile is an easy-to-use self-assessment survey instrument that helps us to identify our time management strengths and limitations.  It gives us an opportunity to compare our time management behavioral styles to the behaviors of effective time managers in order to assess ourselves in 12 key categories of time management.  The Time Mastery Profile not only provides background information on each of these categories of time management, it also helps us identify our weakest categories in order to improve our time management habits in these areas.

The Time Mastery Profile is a contract for change that individuals make with themselves.  It’s a working document that participants can use for their personal as well as professional time management needs, on their own or at work.  It walks them through the process of developing Action Plans and improving their time management habits.

Time MasteryThe Time Mastery Profile is a professional, informative, effective time management assessment tool, reference resource and contract for change.  By helping people manage their time more effectively, the Time Mastery Profile enables them to increase their productivity on the job or at home, enhance the quality of their work with less stress, and gain a sense of personal satisfaction and accomplishment as they achieve more with their time.

Can the Time Mastery Profile be used as a development tool?

Time Mastery Online ProfileThe Time Mastery Profile is so flexible that it can be used in a variety of training programs with objectives other than time management.  These are a few examples of the training and development needs it can meet:


Management/Supervisory Training

The Time Mastery Profile can help both new and experienced managers and supervisors handle their time more efficiently and productively.

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