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DiSC Work of Leaders® and Why Leadership Development Fails

Leadership LeadersThe Impact of Superior Leadership 

We know that effective leadership is critically important.  We understand that it impacts the way companies are run, and how productive and profitable they are.  However, we also know that confidence in leadership is at an all-time low and continues to drop.  Not only is this visible in employee surveys, but also in the turnaround of managers in the workplace.  On average, a senior manager only stays in their position for 7.6 years, down from 9.5 years in 1995.

Some experts are now suggesting that this is due to the fact that although we know that we need to develop our leaders and managers, we don’t know how to do this.  Leadership development is a multi-million dollar industry, but one that focuses on the wrong issues.  In fact, some would go so far as to say that these businesses are not about improving management, but rather simply about improving their own bank balance.  Let’s take a look at the biggest mistakes made in the industry.

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Lessons From Effective Business Leaders

SuccessLearn From Successful People

You can benefit from the knowledge and experience of the top business leaders no matter the size of your own business or the fact you are only in the idea phase of a future business.  There are a number of lessons you can learn from self-made millionaires, CEOs of huge organizations and others who have made their mark in the business world.

This article will examine some of the traits of successful business people and their unique business approaches to success.

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3 Leadership Skills That Are Typically Ignored

LeadershipLeadership Is Needed For Success

It’s generally accepted that for any business to succeed and grow, it requires an effective and forward looking senior leadership group.  Yet certain aspects of leadership are frequently not  fully recognized, and this can prove damaging.

If your company goal is to have a more effective senior leader group, it’s critical that you develop all of the necessary attributes for this goal to be achieved.  In this article we’ll be discussing a few very important leadership skills that are usually ignored or overlooked.

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A Peek At Different Leadership Styles

Leadership StylesLeadership

Though many people have one idea of leadership, it presents in many different styles. There is not any one singular type of leadership, since all leaders must develop a style that’s consistent with their personality and what they would like to accomplish.

The setting or situation also determines the type of leader expected like a group of school children requires a leader that is different from a group of soldiers heading off to combat. This article is going to go through the various leadership styles and what the advantages and disadvantages of each are.

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The DiSC® Leadership Profile Delivers Effective 360° Feedback

What Is 360° feedback?

360° feedback is feedback that comes from the combined perspective of direct reports, peers and managers as well as the leader self-assessment.  In some cases it can also include feedback from external sources, such as customers and vendors.  The raters comment about the leader’s communication, team work, and leadership and management skills.  Successful 360s are not used for performance review or appraisal–performance reviews are about the job an employee is doing.  The purpose of the 360° feedback should be to encourage and support the development of excellent leadership within the organization.  The 360° review from combined perspectives helps to provide a clear picture for the employee about their behavior, impact and interpersonal relationships.  They are an effective tool to hone professional skills and focus on developing leaders by giving them insights into how others see them.

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