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The DiSC® Profile Will Improve Your Recruiting and Hiring Processes

The Procedure Corporations Currently Utilize Is Defective

Hiring with A DiSC Profile American businesses determine 80% of their total hiring and recruiting decisions around the “intellectual” element of the individual, in other words their resume, abilities, education, as well as their working experience.  The resulting outcome of these practices is an 85% turnover rate as a result of Behavior or Style incompatibility – the individual could get the job done, however for several reasons, it wasn’t getting accomplished.  Everyone knows employee turnover costs every company big bucks.

This substandard approach brings about very poor employee retention, insufficient overall performance as a result of inadequate job match, as well as very high turnover expenses and makes clear the reason why US companies average percentage of successful hiring is lower than 50%. The men and women supervising these recruiting/interviewing/hiring/promotion operations, without having “tools” to help, tend to be making very subjective judgments hoping that the “intellectual element” of the person will furnish adequate information to guarantee a high quality job match.  The DiSC Profile is an excellent “hiring tool.”

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