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A Peek At Different Leadership Styles

Leadership StylesLeadership

Though many people have one idea of leadership, it presents in many different styles. There is not any one singular type of leadership, since all leaders must develop a style that’s consistent with their personality and what they would like to accomplish.

The setting or situation also determines the type of leader expected like a group of school children requires a leader that is different from a group of soldiers heading off to combat. This article is going to go through the various leadership styles and what the advantages and disadvantages of each are.

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Leadership Challenges That Have To Be Met

Leadership and Management

Leadership and management are very important roles in any organization.  The words leadership and management are often used interchangeably, but there is a huge difference between a leader and a manager.  Leadership and management must go hand in hand.  Leadership is a “one-to-many” relationship; manager is a one-to-one relationship.

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