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Do I Need DiSC® Certification Training to Use DiSC Profiles?

This is a question we are often asked.  The simple answer is: No, you do not need the have DiSC Certification Training!

We always tell people asking this question that the profile respondents are considered the experts on themselves and the instruments are self-scored and self-interpreted.  There are no other educational requirements.

Our Everything DiSC Facilitation and Training Kits are available to those who wish to expand their self-taught knowledge on the use of the instrument as a trainer, counselor, or consultant. They come ready to use jammed with training materials

They are self-training kits and have everything you need to take your DiSC Training to a broader audience.

Everything DiSC Trainer Certification

For those that are ready to take their DiSC Knowledge to the next level we have DiSC Certification.

We have a two (2) Two-Day Everything DiSC Trainer Certification Training classes are taught in Minneapolis, MN by Inscape Publishing, the publisher of DiSC:

Full descriptions of the certification classes are provided by clicking on the links above.