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Understanding The DiSC Assessment Part 2 of 2

The DiSC Assessment Styles

DiSC Assessment Styles provide powerful methods for understanding more about yourself and others. The DiSC Styles are increasingly popular and are based on theories developed by the Harvard educated psychologist, Dr. William Moulton Marston. His DiSC original theory recognizes four basic, predictable behavior patterns in human beings as reflected in their everyday observable behavior.

D i S C is an acronym for the four behavioral styles of Dominance, influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. DiSC Assessment Styles suggest that all people possess these four basic behavioral tendencies to differing degrees.

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Understanding The DiSC Assessment Part 1 of 2

William Moulton Marston is the brains behind the theory that explained how healthy and normal individuals respond to a range of stimuli on an emotional level. His goal was to help people to understand that every emotion they feel is normal, even if they made them feel ashamed. Yes, each of us is completely different, but that is normal as well. In Marston’s theory, people weren’t labeled as types. Instead, he believed that each person fits mainly into one or two different styles. According to Marston, understanding why you respond in a certain way when confronted with various demands from people, societal expectations and different situations, means that we are able to realize our happiness both on a professional and personal level.

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A DiSC® Personality Profile Assessment Helps In Understanding People

Reducing ConflictA Roadmap To Success.
Imagine you had a roadmap for understanding someone you barely know and could accurately predict how they would respond in any situation at work or in life. Imagine you could understand yourself equally as well.

The DiSC Personality Profile Assessment tool is an instrument to give you those insights. This evaluation is designed to identify the DiSC personality types and then apply that wealth of information to everyday living. There are many ways to use the DiSC Personality Assessment with the Everything DiSC Profile Assessment being the most powerful, up to date and most accurate version of DiSC yet. Continue reading

How The DiSC® Assessment Helps Your Career

Everything DiSC Circular Model

They say that one way for you to succeed in your career is to choose a job that you will enjoy so you wouldn’t have to work a day in your life.

Following this advice is probably the best decision that you will ever make in your life but before you do so, you should first assess your priorities, preferences and your personality traits.

One way you can do this is by taking the DiSC Assessment. This personality assessment test is one of the most widely used tools in the business world because it allows HR personnel to ask behavioral interviewing questions to determine what types of positions are best suited for their new hires according to their personality preferences as well as their experience, skills and educational qualifications. Continue reading

All You Need To Know About DiSC® Profile Personality Testing

Office WorkersOverview
Whether you want to improve your company’s customer service, develop effective leaders, build efficient work groups, or organize and optimize your employees’ behavior, you should use effective tools to understand and evaluate your employees. These tools work on team members, managers, leaders and groups who work toward a common goal. Consider tools like DiSC® Profile Personality Testing, which can be used to find strengths, weaknesses, and hidden potential in individuals across all industries. You can learn to understand behaviors, communicate effectively, and put to good use the resulting personality test.

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