Becoming An Effective Leader

In order to lead effectively you need to provide motivation and inspire people to do things they don’t believe they can accomplish. It’s very important for every aspiring leader, a leader is not a manager. Leadership is a different animal all together. It’s much easier to learn leadership than management when you understand the difference. The insights outlined below will start you on the path of becoming a strong leader.  One tool, we find to be very useful to fully understand how you currently lead so you can improve those leadership aspects you currently have and improve your weak aspects of leadership is the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile.

Learning To Communicate Properly

Effective communication is an essential skill that will put you on a path of improving you leadership abilities. Effective leaders talk directly and honestly to every member of their staff. Than means everybody; not just the team leaders and managers. Try to find some way to encourage everyone especially if you are correcting bad behavior or disciplining an individual. Through effective and honest communication you build lasting trust with everyone you come into contact with. Tools we find effective in improving communication and listening in the work environment is the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile and the Personal Listening Profile.

Listening is an effective component of communication, it isn’t just about talking. All the individuals on your team have life/work experiences and skills that drive their behavior, something you must always keep in mind when you interact with them. Remember anyone can come up with that “killer” idea that could change your team for the better, if you don’t hear it you can’t act on it. When you listen to everyone on your team they will be inspired to improve their behavior and individual performance given that they will want to stand out. Finding areas where they can improve and giving them the assistance they need will inspire them even more to grow in their business pursuits and in life.

Proper Delegation

Delegation is a tricky subject and you might be hesitant to assign tasks to members of your team. You might be afraid to lose control or because that team member might do a better job than you…don’t let that stop you. That’s not the behavior of a great leader, only an ineffective manager. It is the duty of every leader to be aware of every situational aspect concerning the needs of the team and to act effectively. It is not only incumbent on you as a leader to ensure that the business is operating like a well oiled machine but also that your guidance is steering the operation in the right direction and to constantly reevaluate the current strategies. This defines the critical nature of delegation, because no leader has the time or energy to watch every aspect of an operation. Effective delegation gives you those additional eyes and ears to make sure the defined course is maintained.

Delegation is also a vital key to increasing team morale and displaying the confidence and trust you have in every member of your team. It becomes critical if you desire to become a great leader because among your many responsibilities the main one is to help team members develop and improve in order to go beyond the high standards you have laid out for everyone.

Developing A Positive Work Environment

Sometimes an overly strict work environment can become counter productive because people will can become intimidated to communicate their individual wants and needs. Your team members can become reluctant to tell you certain things that they believe you might not want to hear, which could negatively effect reaching the goals set for a project or assignment. You must learn to maintain the necessary flexibility to ensure that team members can feel comfortable to approach you with their concerns or suggestions. It is not enough to motivate people to be more productive and efficient so they will achieve the results you desire, but you need to create a work atmosphere that everyone feels comfortable in and wants to become a part of.

In Closing

Never forget you are not a manager, that’s the key to becoming a great leader. A great leader’s job is something totally different. It is the ultimate task of a great leader to maintain long lasting results from their team, while keeping an eye on making sure that the daily operation runs smoothly day to day. This requires a driven leader. The general ideas outlined in this article are meant for you to learn to become a motivated, driven, effective manager that your team members will gratefully follow.


Co-owner/Co-founder of Intesi! Resources. Educated as an architect I transitioned to technology during my career in architecture. Intesi! Resources was founded in 2004 and my focus is everything Web/eCommerce related from the design and development of our site to all the marketing activities involved. I also provide significant support for our clients on all our products and how they are used to deliver assessment-driven learning solutions that develop self-awareness and interpersonal skills.

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About Steve Giles

Co-owner/Co-founder of Intesi! Resources. Educated as an architect I transitioned to technology during my career in architecture. Intesi! Resources was founded in 2004 and my focus is everything Web/eCommerce related from the design and development of our site to all the marketing activities involved. I also provide significant support for our clients on all our products and how they are used to deliver assessment-driven learning solutions that develop self-awareness and interpersonal skills.

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  7. Dan

    Our outrage at disgraced leaders may be justified, and we fail to realize how quickly they become us. The distance between beloved leader and despised failure is shorter than we think. Fallen leaders never set out to sacrifice their integrity, abandon ethical behavior, or exploit those they lead. But it happens! Their failures should be our cautions; Their stories should serve as cautionary tales.

  8. Brian

    Once you define your goals, you must be able to articulate them. A well known speaker on leadership says that an effective leader is the company’s chief storyteller, not just someone who keeps his or her nose to the grindstone. You have to be able to say where you have been as a company, where you are now, and where you ‘re going.

  9. Gary

    All organizations need a leader. They have their committees, their echelons of command and, perhaps, a widely dispersed group of semiautonomous divisions; but the overall company, and each of its divisions, must have strong and able leadership. Contrary to popular belief, you do not raise morale in an organization; it filters down from the top. The attitudes of the people working in any organization will always reflect the attitude of the leader.

  10. Patricia

    The most gifted athletes rarely make good coaches. The best violinist will not necessarily make the best conductor. Nor will the best teacher necessarily make the best head of the department. So I think it is critical to distinguish between the skill of performance and the skill of leading the performance, two entirely different skills. It’s also important to determine whether a person is capable of learning leadership.

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  12. Tyler

    Leadership is one of those nebulous terms — you hear it all the time but it has various definitions. The traits that make up a good leader can vary depending on the organization, team, manager and work environment. Leadership can also vary in style – For instance, are you someone who dictates the group and doesn’t listen to anyone else’s opinion? Or do you lead with a more bureaucratic or democratic style?

  13. Vertie

    The National Football Legue lost one of it’s most inspirational leaders ever. For those who don’t follow pro football, don’t worry, I’m not giving news of someone’s death, but I guess when compared to death, a season ending bicep tear sounds pretty minor. What I mean is that the Baltimore Ravens team lost one of their inspirational leaders on and off the field. But if you ask anyone in the NFL, you can’t find a better leader.

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  15. Robert

    I once heard someone say that we live in an era of haste-based folly. Another way of putting it would be to say that these are the days of rapid rewards, speed dating, quick trim and slim fast. As impatience increases, decisions grow more and more short-sighted. The faster we move, the more likely we are to speak and act without thinking of long-term consequences. I’d say we need leaders more than ever.

  16. David

    Some one seems to have spammed the crap out of this blog. At least you can say that they took a leadership role in maliciously spamming and to try and get cheap backlinks to their site. I guess they have not heard of the Google Panda updates which penalize keyword and anchor tag stuffing. All of these identical back links will only penalize the site they are trying to promote.

  17. Elisa

    One fine example of superb leadership is the all powerful Oprah Whimphrey. The tremendous challenges she overcame make Oprah’s career especially inspiring. The fact that she has handled her success so adeptly, despite her impoverished childhood, is astounding. When I began gathering examples of Oprah’s wisdom, I expected to identify a handful of quotes relevant to entrepreneurs. To my surprise, I identified dozens of worthy bits of wisdom.

  18. Judy

    I am from the school of thinking that leadership is an art. Keeping your workers happy and maximizing their potential while attaining company goals is not for the faint of heart. Growing up I learned a song in Sunday school based on one of Jesus’ parables (Matthew 7:24-29). It is about two builders and where they chose to build. Look it up in your Bible.

  19. Walter

    The problem is that far too many bosses, managers, coaches and mentors put all of their efforts into keeping their protgs dependent on them. Instead of inspiring you to action, they want to control your actions. Instead of showing you how to help yourself, they want to keep you helpless. This unhealthy dynamic is also very common in personal relationships. That’s not the kind of leader I want to be.

  20. Johnny

    I know so many people that can use this it isn’t even funny, why is it that being an effective leader is so difficult anyway? I want to become a good leader in my position but I am afraid of hurting someone’s feelings or stepping on peoples toes and making them mad so I know I could benefit from this myself. I will share this with the people I know who can use it.

  21. Sandra

    I would have to say that women took charge of business in 2012. While still a distant minority in board rooms and the executive suite, women have ticked past a mere token presence in corporate leadership and advanced into top roles across many industries and nations. But I think there are still many males who question a female’s ability to be an effective leader.

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  23. Peter

    When we motivate ourselves, or someone else, we are developing those incentives or conditions that we believe will help move a person to a desired behavior. I think one of the more difficult challenges to a leader is to learn how to effectively motivate those working for them. One of the reasons it’s so difficult is because motivation can be so personal.

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