A DiSC® Personality Profile Assessment Helps In Understanding People

Reducing ConflictA Roadmap To Success.
Imagine you had a roadmap for understanding someone you barely know and could accurately predict how they would respond in any situation at work or in life. Imagine you could understand yourself equally as well.

The DiSC Personality Profile Assessment tool is an instrument to give you those insights. This evaluation is designed to identify the DiSC personality types and then apply that wealth of information to everyday living. There are many ways to use the DiSC Personality Assessment with the Everything DiSC Profile Assessment being the most powerful, up to date and most accurate version of DiSC yet.

How Does It Work?
Anybody who takes the Everything DiSC Personality Assessment will have their results plotted on a circle, known as the Everything DiSC Map. The assessment provides participants with statements, to which they need to respond on a five point scale from strongly disagree to strong agree. These responses show their level of agreement or disagreement with each of the statements especially when they use the full range of response options. In this circular format, the scores are integrated, placed around eight scales equally spaced on the circle itself. Each person scores somewhere on these eight scales, which allows the system to place dots on the Everything DiSC Map to indicate if the person’s style is Dominance, influence, Steadiness or Conscientiousness. There are eight words around the map, which stand for the primary areas or priorities of people’s energy focus.

The assessment has been weighted to categorize the responses into four areas: D, i, S, and C with a dot on the map and shading around three priorities closest to the dot. By determining where the respondent is more likely to behave consistent with a trait or tendency, the tool can identify predictable behavior and apply that to daily living situations by providing strategies to engage successfully with other DiSC styles.

The results of this assessment can be a very helpful asset for the responder, as well as the employer, spouse, friend, or family member.

On The Job
Imagine your employer asks you and those you work closely with to complete the DiSC Personality Profile assessment. When the results are tabulated and the DiSC report generated, you are invited to join your coworkers in a facilitated discussion. The trainer starts the discussion by outlining the main characteristics of each of the four personality types and asks you to group yourselves by your dominant tendencies or priorities. If you look around the room and observe where people have voluntarily grouped themselves, certain ideas may come to you. Since you know your primary motivations and those of the other three groups, you may now understand why communication has been so difficult with them in the past. You may also realize why connecting with some people is easier for you than others and why some people may seem to take a lot more energy when dealing with them.

In Conclusion
The above scenario is an example of how the testing could be used in an employment situation. There are many uses for the DiSC Personality Profile Assessment. Clearly the tool could be used to strengthen communication between people, based on their personality strengths and weaknesses. Conflict resolution, performance and productivity boosting, onboarding and hiring decisions are some additional ways the DiSC tool could be used in the workplace, where an understanding of people means success for everyone.


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