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Interview Questions To Ask For A Customer Service Role

Customer ServiceCustomer Service: The Backbone of Every Company

Customer service is the backbone of a company and it is vitally important to get it right.  This means finding the right people, who are those that are able to carry on the message and vision of the business, while making sure customers are treated with dignity and respect and are encouraged to return again and again.  Whether you want to work in customer service, or you are an organization looking for people to work in that field, an interview process is always necessary.  Interview processes are designed to filter out which people will be able to deliver that message.  Although interviews are not foolproof, they are incredibly important.  So what questions can you expected to be asked, or should you ask if you are doing the hiring, in customer service?

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The Characteristics People Need To Achieve Success

A Vision of SuccessDefining Success Is Subjective 

It is almost impossible to come up with a definition of “success”.  This is because it is a personal thing and different people have different views on what success means for them.  It could be a high salary, a certain position in society, a big house, and so on.  Even on a micro level, there can be great contradictions.  For instance, someone may get a promotion and believe that they were successful in their efforts of achieving that.  Someone else may think they were just lucky and had a good day during the promotion interview.  Someone may appear successful to the rest of the world, such as a famous movie star, but in their personal life, they may be depressed and alone because they have lost their private life due their fame.

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Understanding Conflict and Workplace Relationships

Conflict ResolutionWorkplace Conflict 

All workplaces experience some form of conflict on a daily basis.  Indeed, there are many situations in which conflict is beneficial, so long as it is resolved properly.  Conflict resolution is about increasing and improving communication, so that conflicting ideas can co-exist.  In order to make this possible, it is important to first understand how conflict is caused.

This will help those charged with conflict resolution to identify what the real issue is, and help move on from there, before workplace relationships are irreparably destroyed.  If conflicts are not resolved, they have a tendency to escalate which could lead to a decrease in productivity and morale.

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The Qualities To Look For In A Great Salesperson

Finding Good SalespeopleGood Salespeople Are Hard To Find

Many sales managers state that they find it incredibly difficult to recruit truly good salespeople.  Retention within sales fields is also very low, which raises further difficulties.  Improving the quality of a sales team, and the results that they produce, seems to be a common struggle throughout organizations across the world.

On average, 80% of sales in any company are made by just 20% of the people who work within that team.  This means there is a huge potential for improvement as well.  Hiring the right salespeople is down to recognizing the qualities to look for in these people.  But what are these qualities?

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