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How To Identify and Optimize Your Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture HeartUnderstanding Corporate Culture Is Important

Culture is the environment around you at work.  Whenever people come in contact with some of the members of a company, it only takes them a few moments to determine what the overall culture is.  For instance, you know almost immediately that you will look horribly overdressed if you walk into a Quicksilver store wearing an Armani suit.  However, it isn’t just about clothing.  Company culture involves a great deal of other elements and you must be aware of all of these.  Another thing to be highly aware of is whether your company culture evolved on its own, or whether it was designed based on the passion for the core values that you should have.  You must be able to identify the culture your company operates by in order to find out what your strengths are, and whether there are any areas for improvement to focus on.

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The Signs Of Poor Management

ManagersUnderstanding Poor Management 

Most of us understand the importance and business impact of good management.  Those who are at this level are the ones that other people turn to for guidance and to know which direction they need to move toward.  We also know that getting management right can be very difficult.  Although there is a lot of information out there on what makes a good leader or manager, and there are a lot of courses in existence on how to make things better, there seems to be a lack of information on what management should absolutely not look like, bar the absolute obvious.  Let’s take a look at some of the signs of poor management to help you identify whether there are any areas where urgent improvement is needed.

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Use A DiSC® Assessment To Create World Class Customer Service

Customer Service CloudGreat Customer Service Is Vital 

Getting your customer service right is vital to the success of your organization.  It is an integral part of your company, rather than an extension.  This means that every employee should have some customer service knowledge and experience.  The main assets of any business, after all, are its customers.  Without them, the organization itself simply wouldn’t exist.  They help the business grow, not just by them returning, but also by recommending your company to their friends and other people they know.  So how do you get customer services right?  There are a number of helpful hints and tips and golden rules out there that we should all be aware of.

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How To Develop Excellent Leaders

Deliver SuccessGreat Leaders Deliver Success

Having excellent leaders in an organization is vital to its success.  It is possible to hire people that are excellent leaders.  And while some people are natural born leaders, it is also important to develop people within your organization to become leaders, allowing them to progress through the ranks.

So how do you develop an excellent leader?  What are the skills that should be worked on?

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Using DiSC Work of Leaders® to Improve Leadership Skills

LeadershipNever Stop Learning

Leaders should never stop learning.  They should always be focused on becoming even better at what they do, so they can motivate their staff better, help them become more productive and generally take an organization to the next level.  This is achieved in a variety of different ways.  Training, both formally and informally, is very important, for instance.  However, it is just as much about self-improvement and self-assessment, which is something leaders should do of their own volition.  Let’s take a look at some of the essential things to know about self-improvement.

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