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4 Tips For Conflict Resolution In Workplace Relationships

Understand ConflictFirst Attempt to Understand the Origin of Conflict

Almost everybody has gone through a period where there was some sort of conflict with a colleague.  Sometimes, this was a full argument and, other times, it was a simple dislike of someone else’s actions or personality.  The reality is that it is impossible to expect everybody within a company to get along.  This is why it is so important that conflict resolution skills and techniques are in place within any business.  Conflicts themselves are not really the problem, but rather they become a problem when they are not addressed and resolved appropriately.

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DiSC® Management Profile: The Do’s And Don’ts Of Management

ManagersManagers Need Specialized Skills to Succeed

It cannot be stressed enough that being a manager takes highly specialized skills.  One of the main ones is to be a good listener.  Unfortunately, too many people think that being a manager isn’t hard, and that they can simply do this because they are experienced workers.  However, it really isn’t that easy.  Indeed, some people are instinctively good managers, but the majority have to take the time to build up the experience they need and learn how to be good at management.

Good managers also learn from their staff, as they are the best judges of how well management actually performs.  It is the staff who are able to say what managers should do in order to make them happy and, thereby, more productive as well.  By engaging staff, leaders are able to learn the real dos and don’ts of management.  Let’s take a look.

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Musings On The Formula For Success

SuccessHow Do You Define Success?

Success is hard to define, particularly because different people have different ideas on what makes them successful.  However, it is always about being able to get what you want, and that takes a number of special skills.  Those who could be considered the real winners in life are those who also understand what the rules are.  They have a plan of action to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve, whether it is losing weight or reaching the Fortune 100 list.  So what is their secret?  Is there a formula they follow in order to achieve success?

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Improving Sales Performance By Focusing On Communication

Everything DiSC Sales Profile and CommunicationSales and The Art of Communication

Sales is all about communication — persuading people that they absolutely need a certain product or service.  However, hard selling, the process of almost forcing prospects to purchase something they probably don’t need is a tactic that can no longer be considered valid or successful.  Not only do customers see through this and end the conversation almost immediately, it is also no way to build up a good company image with a strong database of happy and returning costumers.

Because of this, businesses have to place a strong focus on ensuring their sales team is trained in effective communication.  This is true for both external and internal communication.  It requires an increased understanding of all elements of communication, including such things as tone, body language and the actual words used.

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The DiSC® Profile And Improving Workplace Relationships

The DiSC Profile Resolves ConflictConflict and The Workplace

Conflict is difficult.  It reduces productivity and can delay the decision-making process.  It is almost impossible to have a workplace without any conflict.  There are many things that cause such problems, including differences of personalities, priorities, opinions, ideas and objectives, unmet needs, high levels of stress, insecurities and so on.

It is important that conflicts are managed and resolved before they spiral out of control.  So how do you improve workplace relationships by resolving conflict?  This takes special skills and resources; it requires excellent communication, listening, and empathy.

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