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Using The DiSC® Profile To Develop Successful Traits

The DiSC Profile and SuccessSeeking Success

When you truly want to be successful, you must look carefully at the traits of individuals who have already become successful.   There are those who will look at successful people who have created fortunes in business and consider them to have been fortunate or lucky.  What makes most of these individuals successful is that they have developed successful traits and properly prepared themselves for their personal and business undertakings. If you would like to develop these success traits you need to take a close look at who you presently are and how you respond to certain situations.

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3 Leadership Skills That Are Typically Ignored

LeadershipLeadership Is Needed For Success

It’s generally accepted that for any business to succeed and grow, it requires an effective and forward looking senior leadership group.  Yet certain aspects of leadership are frequently not  fully recognized, and this can prove damaging.

If your company goal is to have a more effective senior leader group, it’s critical that you develop all of the necessary attributes for this goal to be achieved.  In this article we’ll be discussing a few very important leadership skills that are usually ignored or overlooked.

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Improve Company Customer Service By Following These Tips

Improve Customer ServiceWhat Makes Customer Service So Important?

The customer is the heart and soul of a company.  This is why the expression “the customer is king” is absolutely correct.  At the heart of good operations, therefore, lies with delivering consistently excellent customer service.  Getting that right means your customers feel happy and valued, in turn making it more likely that they will return and that they will recommend your business to others.  This is all well-known, of course, but it still isn’t entirely clear how this is actually achieved.  Businesses all over the world feel like they have made every possible effort to improve their customer service but are still not seeing the results they expected.  Let’s take a look at a few important tips that you may want to implement in your own business in order to improve your levels of customer service.

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Use A DiSC® Personality Test To Recognize Employee Potential

The DiSC Personality Test GoalThe Goal

It has become quite widespread for companies to use a DiSC Personality Test together with the interview.  These personality assessments help companies determine who could be great leaders and who could be people that might have challenges that are difficult to overcome.

Companies use DiSC Personality Tests to measure different factors and collect insights to determine what type of behavior and personality a potential employee tends to exhibit.  It is important to take into account that different people usually behave differently when confronted with a specific situation so you want to have as many different styles as possible.

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Tips To Improve Your Resume

Improve Your ResumeWhy Your Resume Is Important

Your resume is your brand.  It is your opportunity to introduce yourself to someone you have not yet met.  Essentially, it is a piece of paper that will leave a first impression on someone who you hope will hire you, and we all know that you only get one chance to make a first impression.  This means the pressure is on you to make something really good out of it.

There are various “rules” that people say you should stick to in terms of presentation of your resume, but what really works? What are some of the must do – and must not do – things when it comes to writing this important document?

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