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The DiSC® Leadership Profile Delivers Effective 360° Feedback

What Is 360° feedback?

360° feedback is feedback that comes from the combined perspective of direct reports, peers and managers as well as the leader self-assessment.  In some cases it can also include feedback from external sources, such as customers and vendors.  The raters comment about the leader’s communication, team work, and leadership and management skills.  Successful 360s are not used for performance review or appraisal–performance reviews are about the job an employee is doing.  The purpose of the 360° feedback should be to encourage and support the development of excellent leadership within the organization.  The 360° review from combined perspectives helps to provide a clear picture for the employee about their behavior, impact and interpersonal relationships.  They are an effective tool to hone professional skills and focus on developing leaders by giving them insights into how others see them.

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