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Leadership Challenges That Have To Be Met

Leadership and Management

Leadership and management are very important roles in any organization.  The words leadership and management are often used interchangeably, but there is a huge difference between a leader and a manager.  Leadership and management must go hand in hand.  Leadership is a “one-to-many” relationship; manager is a one-to-one relationship.

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Resolving The Five Most Common Workplace Issues

Addressing Conflict

It is unavoidable to have conflict and other issues within a workplace. Everybody within an organization should have some knowledge about conflict resolution and how to manage interpersonal relationships, but sometimes real conflict can only be resolved by leaders and managers. There are a number of workplace issues that are very commonly found in various workplaces around the world and being aware of these and the strategies used to resolve them will help you to come to a quicker solution should you come across them in your own workplace.

This information can be beneficial for everybody from the grass root level to senior management, as it is also a useful tool to recognize how your own behavior may contribute to the start of certain conflicts.

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The Pillars Of Personal Effectiveness

Personal EffectivenessSome time ago, a book was released called “The 3 Pillars of Personal Effectiveness.”

The book aimed to give people who struggle with managing their workload or even day-to-day life, a way to better deal with these issues.

Since then, a variety of other texts have been released describing the pillars of personal effectiveness and it seems that putting these issues into “pillars” or bastions or even foundations is a great way of working out how to be more effective at work and at home.

It allows people to figure out ways of better managing their busy lifestyles, thereby becoming more effective and productive. Let’s take a look at the pillars and what they mean.

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How to Build the Best Relationships Across An Organization

Sometimes you need to climb obstecals to have a relationship.Relationships, Organizations and People

An organization is as much about its product or service as it is about its people. This is all too often forgotten. It is assumed that people will simply be able to work together because they are good at their jobs. However, people have personalities, morals, values and certain beliefs and sometimes some of these may clash.

While a professional person is able to leave their personal feelings at home and get on with the job, having good relationships is actually necessary to increase productivity.  Building effective workplace relationships is an important component of being successful in your professional life. But how do you build these relationships with so many different people in a single company?

Interestingly, Forbes recently dedicated a news item to the importance of having good relationships at work.

“Here is a business-building rule of thumb: Don’t waste your time networking if you are not prepared to develop win-win relationships.” Here’s How To Build A Win-Win Networking Relationship by Sharon Michaels – Forbes

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