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Everything DiSC® Profile Family Continues To Improve!

The foundation of the DiSC Model, as described by William Marston in his book, “The Emotions of Normal People,” was a circle as is represented in today’s Everything DiSC Profiles—the third generation DiSC Profile.   The dot placement and shading in the circular model provides a clear visual of the continuous nature of DiSC in a more simple and intuitive manner that is incredibly straightforward and powerful.

What Is Changing?

Currently the Everything DiSC Profiles ask the participants to respond to 79 items on a 5-point likert scale determining how frequently each item or adjective describes them.  That 79-item assessment will no longer be available after mid-July 2012 when Adaptive Testing (AT) will launch for any Everything DiSC assessment providing a new, more sophisticated scoring algorithm to give participants the most precise DiSC style assignment possible.  Adaptive testing will maximize the precision of the style assignment, participant confidence and personalized feedback.  Based on extensive validation research conducted by two independent agencies that specialize in psychometric testing, the AT measurement is 12% more accurate than the 79-item Everything DiSC profile and 32% more accurate than the DiSC Classic Profile.

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Becoming An Effective Leader

In order to lead effectively you need to provide motivation and inspire people to do things they don’t believe they can accomplish. It’s very important for every aspiring leader, a leader is not a manager. Leadership is a different animal all together. It’s much easier to learn leadership than management when you understand the difference. The insights outlined below will start you on the path of becoming a strong leader.  One tool, we find to be very useful to fully understand how you currently lead so you can improve those leadership aspects you currently have and improve your weak aspects of leadership is the Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile.

Learning To Communicate Properly

Effective communication is an essential skill that will put you on a path of improving you leadership abilities. Effective leaders talk directly and honestly to every member of their staff. Than means everybody; not just the team leaders and managers. Try to find some way to encourage everyone especially if you are correcting bad behavior or disciplining an individual. Through effective and honest communication you build lasting trust with everyone you come into contact with. Tools we find effective in improving communication and listening in the work environment is the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile and the Personal Listening Profile.

Listening is an effective component of communication, it isn’t just about talking. All the individuals on your team have life/work experiences and skills that drive their behavior, something you must always keep in mind when you interact with them. Remember anyone can come up with that “killer” idea that could change your team for the better, if you don’t hear it you can’t act on it. When you listen to everyone on your team they will be inspired to improve their behavior and individual performance given that they will want to stand out. Finding areas where they can improve and giving them the assistance they need will inspire them even more to grow in their business pursuits and in life.

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