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DiSC Personality Assessment

When you think about your own personality, you probably think about some of your behaviors, right? When it comes to a real personality assessment, those behaviors that you think are so important aren’t actually considered in the test. Why might that be? Personality assessments and behaviors are two different things. Your DiSC Personality Assessment will allow you to explore your very own personal characteristics, and the Everything DiSC Report will help you to understand how you can apply that knowledge to change or refine your behavioral actions in order to grow personally, professionally, or build better relationships.

DiSC Personality Assessment Tool
A DiSC Personality Assessment is one of the most comprehensive you can take. Why? There are a number of different tests you can take in order to fit your needs. Just as an example, there are DiSC tests created for the workplace environment that measure teamwork and collaboration, while there are others that are focused on the individual and their own personality traits.

One of the most popular DiSC tests is the DiSC Classic Profile test, which is a series of 28 questions using different words, associations, and phrases. DiSC also has a number of different products that give even greater insight into your personality, coming in the form of informative and interesting manuals.

DiSC Personality Test Online & Your EPIC Account
Learning about you and your personality is now easier than ever with Intesi! Resources EPIC accounts! Becoming a member will grant you access to a number of different DiSC tools and resources that you can see with the click of a button. Not only that, but an EPIC Account will save you money on purchasing DiSC products such as a number of different personality assessments, workplace assessments, and the training toolkits for each test.

Taking your DiSC online test through your EPIC Account will also save you a considerable amount of time, as you can complete the assessment in the time frame that works best for you.

DiSC Assessment Personality Types

The DiSC personality assessment is based on four overarching personality profiles, including (D) Dominance, (i) influence, (S) Steadiness, and (C) Conscientiousness. While there are a number of different DiSC personality tests you can take, each one will give you the answer as to which one of the four you fall into. For instance, are you steadier like the famous Mother Theresa, more influential like Oprah Winfrey, conscientious like Bill Gates, or dominant like James Bond? Taking a DiSC personality assessment will let you know which personality category you fall into.


DiSC Personality Assessment | DiSC Personality Assessment Tool

DiSC Personality Test Online | DiSC Assessment Personality Types