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DiSC® Personal Development Profile
A shorter Profile that brings DiSC to a broader range of learners. Limited Qty.
DiSC® Biblical Profile
The DiSC Classic Paper Profile with helpful biblical references added.
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DiSC Biblical Personal Profile System    

Enhance Personal Understanding through Bible Personalities
Based on DiSC Classic, the DiSC Biblical Personal Profile System provides individuals with practical, personalized feedback on their preferred behavior approaches and offers insight into the behavior of others.

This one-of-a-kind instrument explores the personal DiSC profiles of positive Biblical characters and refers participants to relevant scripture passages. Ideal for use in Christian religious education settings and Bible study classes, the DiSC Biblical Personal Profile System increases self-awareness and enhances understanding and appreciation of the lives and stories of key personalities from the Bible.


DiSC Personal Development Profile Phrase Version

The DiSC Personal Development Profile Phrase Version, a shorter, less detailed DiSC instrument that brings DiSC to a broader range of learners.

This instrument uses easy-to-understand "phrases" instead of "single words" on the response page.

Because it is written at a sixth-grade reading level, it’s easier to read and understand.  Perfect when English is a second language.

Use this 11-Page DiSC Profile overcomes potential barriers to DiSC learning and helps more people to gain self-understanding and increased behavioral awareness that lead to improved performance and better relationships.