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Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile
Build better relationships, a powerful tool for improving workplace quality!
Everything DiSC® Agile EQ™ Profile
Everything DiSC Agile EQ offers a new way to support an agile workforce.
Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Profile
Harness workplace conflict to transform relationships and better results.
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® Profile
Work of Leaders generates powerful insights providing a clear path for action.
Everything DiSC® Management Profile
Discover your DiSC Management Style and Make Good Managers...Great Managers!
Everything DiSC® Sales Profile
Discover your DiSC Sales Style that helps salespeople build rapport & close...
DiSC® Personal Development Profile
A shorter Profile that brings DiSC to a broader range of learners. Limited Qty.
DiSC® Biblical Profile
The DiSC Classic Paper Profile with helpful biblical references added.
$21.50 $20.50
DiSC® Classic 2.0 Profile
The popular DiSC Classic in a Personalized 23-Page Online Version.
DiSC® Classic Paper Profiles
The Paper Booklet Version of the popular DiSC Classic Profile.
DiSC® Classic Profile (Paper) (Spanish)
The Paper Booklet Version of the popular DiSC Classic Profile in Spanish.
DiSC® Talk! Action Planner (Paper)
Profile the persons you speak with on the phone.
$7.60 $7.00

DiSC® is Available in Several Types for Your Every Need.

Everything DiSC Family of Profiles

  • This 3rd Generation of DiSC is application specific (Workplace, Conflict, Sales, Management, Leadership, and 360° DiSC) and is scored in a circular (circumplex) scoring model instead of a graph.
  • This DiSC Profile Test is 32% more accurate that the DiSC Classic 2.0.
  • Comparison Reports are available for all (5) Everything DiSC Profiles.  Each one with application specific solutions.
  • Also, Everything DiSC Training Kits are available for the five above stated Everything DiSC Family of Profiles.
    Each DiSC Profile Test in the Everything DiSC Family has it's own specific training kit.

DiSC Classic and PPSS Profiles

  • This is the 2nd Generation of DiSC and is the online version of the original DiSC Classic paper booklet.
  • This DiSC Profile Test is scored and presented in the original line graph.
  • The results are immediately available, in PDF format, and are personalized in a easy to understand narrative format.
  • A DiSC Classic Training Kit is also available for these profiles.

The Original DiSC Classic in a paper booklet version of the DiSC Profile Test

  • This is the 1st Generation of DiSC and each booklet is self-contained and scored by hand.
  • You respond to 28 sets of words by using a coin to scratch your answers like a lottery ticket.
  • Instructions are provided to guide you on your responses, counting the responses, and plotting the graph.
  • Guidelines are included in the back of each booklet for individual interpretation.
  • A DiSC Classic Training Kit is also available for these profiles.

We also have DiSC Action Planners in both online and paper booklets in a variety of subject matters.  This is NOT a DiSC Profile Test for individuals, but used by individuals to profile others.

  • DiSC SALES ACTION PLANNER: Use this DiSC Personality Profile to reveal several styles of prospective or existing customers involved in sales environments. You can create: successful selling campaigns, plan customer negotiations, create rapport with your customers, close more sales, and help tailor your client presentations.

  • DiSC CUSTOMER SERVICE ACTION PLANNER: Used to reveal the styles of prospective or existing customers in an existing customer service environment. With this DiSC Personality Profile you can: increase your current level of customer satisfaction, discover and address customer concerns, create successful service plans, and increase the loyalty of your current customers.

  • DiSC MANAGEMENT ACTION PLANNER: Help identify a team member's style, use this DiSC Personality Profile in order to modify the approach of your natural management style to produce more effective approaches and interactions with your direct reports.

  • DiSC MANAGING PERFORMANCE ACTION PLANNER: Used to help identify a team member's style in order to help you understand and align with their goals and respective fears. This DiSC Personality Profile helps you, as a manager, adapt how you approach counseling, reviewing, and mentoring that individual on their performance.

  • DiSC TALK! ACTION PLANNER: Used by telephone professionals to discover the style of the customers they support on the phone. This DiSC Personality Profile helps you to more effectively communicate, improve the customer's satisfaction, develop a level of commitment, and discover how that customer wants them to follow up.

All DiSC Personality Profiles go through a rigorous series of validation tests. DiSC Profiles can be applied to all personal and business needs.