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Private, Branded, Secure Internet Account to Issue & Manage Online Reports....

What Is An EPIC DiSC Account?

An EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center) Account is an online internet account, that uses a secure username and password login from any browser access, delivering a simple way to issue, manage and brand (with your logo and contact information on every report cover sheet) Inscape's most advanced online profiles via the internet.  From added options to an optimized narrative style, EPIC-based DiSC Profiles offer cutting edge advantages even Inscape's paper instruments can't deliver — this is what is called the “EPIC Edge.”

EPIC DiSC Account Users Save Time and Money!

Using an EPIC DiSC Account, companies and consultants can use their training and development time more effectively.  Employees get access from emails and complete assessments online in advance of every training session, making certain that every precious minute of training time is used to its absolute advantage.  Plus, the EPIC DiSC Account takes care of accurately scoring the profiles, saving you time, money, and increased accuracy.