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DiSC® Classic 2.0 Profile
The popular DiSC Classic in a Personalized 23-Page Online Version.
DiSC® Classic Paper Profiles
The Paper Booklet Version of the popular DiSC Classic Profile.
DiSC® Classic Profile (Paper) (Spanish)
The Paper Booklet Version of the popular DiSC Classic Profile in Spanish.

DiSC Classic Profiles - Offering The DiSC Personality Test in both Online and Paper Versions

DiSC Classic Personal Profile System is a research validated self-awareness profile used by 80% of Fortune 500 Companies. Over One Million versions of the DiSC Classic Profile completed each year.

Written in an informal and conversational style, the DiSC Personality Test offers personalized reports and feedback that help people understand the strengths and challenges of their behavioral style. These insights are easily implemented in both your personal and business lives.

Additionally, the report teaches individuals about the powerful DiSC Model. It allows them to precisely see how other types of people may have different but equally valid preferences and how they respond to their respective environments.

The purpose of DiSC Classic Profile is to help you understand yourself and others.

A DiSC Personality Test provides a clear framework for looking at human behavior while increasing your knowledge of your unique DiSC Classic Profile pattern.

The goal of this practical approach is to help you more properly respond to your environment the will ensure both your personal and professional success.

In addition, you will gain an appreciation for the different motivational factors displayed by other behavioral styles as they respond to behavioral factors. The stages of self-interpretation, which progress from general to specific, will help you master the DiSC Model for understanding other people. In mastering that model you will see yourself and others more clearly.

The Key Features of a DiSC Classic Profile report include:

  • Personalized analysis of the respondent’s unique DiSC style

  • Insight into the respondent’s highest DiSC scale, motivation, and habits

  • Detailed definitions, via the Intensity Index, of the terms commonly associated with the respondent's results

  • In-depth information about the respondent’s classical pattern

  • Comprehensive descriptions of each of the four DiSC styles Overview of all 15 classical patterns