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City of BostonBoston played an important part in the American Revolution, and the city’s iconic stature still resonates today.  Steeped in history yet always looking ahead, Boston sits at the top of the East Coast’s sprawling urban areas, which stretches all the way south to Washington, D.C.  As the largest city in Massachusetts and the main commercial hub for the state, Boston is the most important urban center in the entire New England region.   Given the city’s standing, a DiSC® Profile assessment from Intesi! Resources makes sense for visitors, students and residents of Boston.

Culture and history are around virtually every corner in Boston.  Faneuil Hall, a marketplace founded in the early 18th century, attracts millions of visitors annually.   This famed institution is often called the “Birthplace of Liberty.”  Other highly regarded city landmarks include the Old North Church, the Paul Revere House, the Bunker Hill Monument and many others.


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Map of Boston VicinityBoston's Economy

The city’s economy has always been central to Boston – after all, America’s most famous colonial protest was the Boston Tea Party.   Today, Boston is a recognized global city, given its numerous contributions to the banking, transportation, tourism, education and telecommunication sectors (to list just a few).   Companies like: Bain & Company, Boston Private Bank & Trust, 3Com, Analog Devices and many more.

The Greater Boston metro area is the 12th largest economy in the world! Plus, Boston is a state capital, so it’s home to many state and federal agencies.   It’s not hard to see why a DiSC Profile for the Boston area can pay dividends for job seekers, employers and students.

Popular with human resource departments and staffing firms throughout the country, DiSC Profiles are particularly useful in Boston.  The tremendous effort that goes into sourcing and selecting the right job candidate can be overwhelming, especially in competitive job markets such as Boston. 

By adding the DiSC Profile to their recruiting, interviewing, hiring and promotion processes it facilitates the proper use of the results.  This streamlining helps to provide clarification resulting in better choices.

Beantown employers can also leverage the latest technology with an EPIC Account from Intesi! Resources.  This advanced, feature-rich function offers easy behavioral assessment data management, customized reports and a host of other user-friendly DiSC Profile features.  It’s perfect for human resource departments, staffing agencies and others.

Colleges and Universities in Boston

Known as one of America’s most educated metro regions, Boston is home to a quarter-million students – and that’s just for Boston and Cambridge.  The Greater Boston area contains over 100 universities and colleges, including Boston University, Northeastern University and Suffolk University.  Students, professors and other personnel can use DiSC Personality Test data to recognize and improve crucial interpersonal skills – and academic excellence is, to a large degree, learning those habits to distinguish yourself from the rest.

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Intesi! Resources, an Everything DiSC Wiley Authorized Partner, is an official provider of The DiSC Profile throughout the United States and Canada.   We also have a DiSC Certified Trainer on staff to assist our customers.  While our online testing offers a convenient method for testing all across the United States, Boston employers, employees and students can use their unique results for Boston businesses, academic establishments and private institutions.   The possibilities are endless for each DiSC Profile assessment.

If you’d like to learn more about the specific advantages of DiSC Profile information in Boston, just give us a call at 866-3INTESI (866-346-8374).  You can also reach us with a message on our contact page.  Our DiSC Personality Tests are useful in Boston and all over the greater New England region.