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City of AustinAustin, the 4th largest city in Texas and the 11th largest in the United States, is an important commerce and cultural hub in central Texas and beyond.  The city’s popularity among upward-mobile professionals, families and individuals has made Austin a frequently featured urban area on many of the “Fastest Growing Cities” lists. 

In fact, Austin was the 3rd fastest growing city in the U.S. for the better part of the last 10 years.


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Map of Austin VicinityWhat Makes Austin Special?

The city’s commercial center, cultural landmarks and considerable opportunities ensure Austin will remain an advantageous place to live.  With such a dynamic and fluid environment, it helps to know how you fit in, whether you’re looking for a job, attending school or simply enjoying all the city has to offer.  And nothing reveals your particular behavioral profile quite like a DiSC® Profile from Intesi! Resources – a great tool for the city of Austin and surrounding communities.

In Austin, you can see a live band (the city is often called “The Live Music Capital of the World”), attend a rough-ridin’ rodeo and dine in style – all within the same day.  The city’s unique character is embodied by an endless list of things to do for both residents and visitors of Austin.

Austin's Economic Drivers

Austin’s cutting-edge technology companies and significant human capital have made it, according to some people, the Silicon Valley of Texas.  Consequently, Austin’s economy is a magnet for job hunters all over the country.   In fact, Forbes magazine ranked Austin as the best U.S. city for jobs in 2012.   This major announcement confirmed Austin’s reputation as an economic powerhouse in the state of Texas and the entire United States.  In this competitive atmosphere, a DiSC Personality Test for the Austin area can assist prospective job candidates better understanding how they can adapt in this fluid (and at times frenzied) economic landscape.

On the opposite side of the employment spectrum, there are many Austin companies, non-profits and academic institutions that can benefit from DiSC Profile information.  Human resource departments utilize DiSC personality test data to hire, promote and source potential employees.  In addition we can streamline the assessment processes and save you money with the use of an EPIC Account.

Just some of Austin’s major firms looking for qualified candidates include Dell, 3M, Apple, Amazon, Google, Qualcomm, Oracle and many others.  DiSC Profiles in Austin are a great tool for firms to evaluate any potential candidate’s behavioral makeup.

Austin's College and University Scene

Austin’s economy is fueled by its academic institutions. The University of Texas at Austin, St. Edward’s University, the Seminary of the Southwest, Austin Community College are just a few of the establishments that supply the city with top-flight professional talent, year after year.  To gain an edge in the marketplace, recent graduates can apply the data from a DiSC Profile in Austin to maximize opportunity, develop social skills and enhance their interaction with the surrounding community.

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As an Everything DiSC Wiley Authorized Partner, Intesi! Resources is a trusted provider and expert in the field of DiSC Profiles for individuals and companies the greater Austin area.  DiSC Profile information is used by individuals and companies in the Austin urban area and other American cities for a wide variety of life-enhancing processes – academically, professionally and otherwise. Additionally, our staff includes a DiSC Certified Trainer to help you (or your organization) choose the best DiSC Test and how to properly implement them into all business environments.

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