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DiSC Profile LogoNow, more than ever, personality tests have been an increasingly popular means of understanding how people behave in both the business world and in social circumstances.  However, most tests are unable to provide more than just topical descriptions of character traits, and don’t give an indication of how people will act in specific situations. 

DiSC Profiles, on the other hand, offer a comprehensive assessment of people’s actual behavioral style based on their personality, priorities, preferences, behavioral tendencies, and environments in which they find themselves.  A DiSC Assessment, in which DiSC stands for Dominance, influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness, offers an in-depth examination of the way people think, behave and act. 

To help you better understand just how useful these assessments can be, we’ve highlighted 25 Informative DiSC Profile Facts.


    1. DiSC Profiles help boost productivity. 
      By providing a better understanding of how individuals operate in certain environments, communications can be improved, miscommunications reduced, conflicts avoided or resolved, and personal satisfaction and productivity are increased through teamwork.  Great teamwork spells organizational success—The DiSC Test will assist individuals and organizations achieve that. 

    2. EPIC DiSC AccountUsing an EPIC DiSC Account makes it easy and less expensive to issue multiple DiSC Profiles.
      Using EPIC (Electronic Profile Information Center), businesses and consultants can utilize their training effort more effectively.  Candidates will be able to finish assessments online well before training sessions, guaranteeing every single minute of training effort is utilized to its fullest advantage. 

      Additionally, the EPIC DiSC Account attends to scoring the completed profiles, saving you time and improving accuracy and reliability.

    3. Stress levels can be reduced.
      A DiSC Personality Test reveals what behavior and circumstances create stress for individuals.  By learning what these triggers are, people can learn how to communicate their needs and adapt their behavior and expectations to work together more harmoniously.  Stress is a productivity killer, it’s important to reduce or eliminate stress whenever possible.

    4. Creating a common language.
      When members of a team, company or any group have taken the DiSC Assessment they are empowered with a common language to discuss feelings, thoughts and behavior in a way that is non-judgmental.  When a team has a common language it helps everyone communicate from a position of understanding.  The more you Learn About DiSC Profiles the better you get at applying it to both personal and business environments.

    5. Frustrations and conflict can be reduced or avoided entirely.
      The DiSC Profile Test fosters understanding that encourages cooperation, acceptance and trust, and leads to top individual and team performance.  In addition, it develops high degrees of self-awareness which is becoming critical to business and personal success.

    6. DiSC Profiles assist recruiters, managers, and human resources in the hiring process.
      Using DiSC Profiles in Hiring helps individuals understand not only the candidates and the company culture but also provides deeper insight into the people they will interview, hire, promote, motivate or advise.  It’s expensive to hire and then replace an employee—DiSC Profiles add an additional perspective and data stream to everyone’s process.

    7. Businesses use DiSC Profiles to develop leadership and managerial skills.
      Communication skills, conflict management and team building abilities can all be developed and enhanced.  Success is fostered from the top down—DiSC Profiles can give your leaders the edge they need to help the team succeed in driving better results with deeper levels of engagement across the organization.

    8. DiSC Profiles help job seekers get hired.
      Develop a more effective resume, polish interview skills and find the job that’s right for you.  DiSC Profiles for Job Hunters offer several options for those individuals talking with recruiters and Human Resources.  Distinguish yourself from that large stack of competitive resumes and get your resume to the top of that stack and get that critical interview.

    9. Increase sales.
      The most effective salespeople don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach.  They know how to use a sales approach that is unique and relevant to each individual client to develop long-term quality relationships.  The Everything DiSC Sales Profile teaches salespeople this highly-developed skill to understand how their selling tendencies compare with their clients’ buying needs so that they can adapt their styles to increase sales results.

    10. Gender differences between DiSC Profiles are minimal.
      Generally, but not always, women show slightly higher score on the “S” scale, while men show slightly higher scores on the “D.”

    11. Age appears to have very little to do with DiSC Styles.
      In some instances, there is a slight tendency for lower “i” scores to occur amongst older participants.

    12. DiSC Profiles help individuals grow.
      By developing self-awareness, individuals can improve personal relationships by learning how to respond to the needs of others and communicating their own needs to the people around them—think of the Everything DiSC Workplace Profile as your “needs decoder.”

    13. DiSC Profiles build strong, lasting relationships with customers.
      DiSC Profiles help teach how to adjust to diverse customer needs, goals and preferences and learn which strategies are most effective to provide a higher level of customer service.  Healthy relationships are key to personal and business growth.

    14. DiSC Profiles help teens.
      By developing self-awareness and understanding of others, young people increase their self-esteem and learn how to use their strengths to become more successful in whatever they do.  DiSC I-Sight is a unique learning tool designed for young people.  When a strong foundation of self awareness is developed early in life it lasts forever.

    15. Great managers know that employees have different levels of motivation, skills, and priorities.  Employees don’t leave good companies; they leave bad managers.  The Everything DiSC Management Profile teaches managers how to adapt their approach to create an environment for employees to be more energized, efficient and committed.

    16. DiSC Profiles can be used at all levels.
      From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, and from independent organizations to individuals, DiSC Profiles help in any type of field or circumstance.  Every year over one million people take a DiSC Profile.

    17. In the 1920s Dr. William Moulton Marston originated the theory on which the DiSC Profile was developed.
      Dr.  William Moulton Marston, a psychological researcher from Harvard was also the creator of Wonder Woman, the comic book character, and an early version of the lie detector test.

    18. Most occupations contain a wide range of DiSC Styles.
      The association between an occupation and a given DiSC style is modest at best.  DiSC helps people recognize the need to adapt their style to the people or situations around them and helps them understand why certain situations may take more of their energy.

    19. DiSC Profiles provide a highly personalized development experience and strategies for becoming an effective leader.
      The kind of leadership that brings about innovation, social change or business transformation must have a broad perspective of the range of behaviors required.  The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile focuses on developing great leaders.

    20. Truly effective people know their talents and find opportunities to maximize them.
      Some of us have more social skill than others.  DiSC Profiles pinpoint our unique strengths and help to uncover natural abilities and use them to their fullest.

    21. DiSC helps the participants understand many important priorities, needs, goals, fears, emotions and behaviors within their culture and how they can contribute more effectively within their culture.
      People often overlook how their environment affects them.  Culture affects such things as the pace at which work gets done, the attention paid to details, the risks the group take and how others are treated.  DiSC Profiles help in understanding and improving the culture that individuals and the team operate in every day.

    22. The lowercase “i” in DiSC is part of Wiley’s registered trademark and assures you that you are using the original DiSC instrument backed by Wiley’s research.
      It was a printer’s typo that was later adopted as a copyright.  Many companies have sought to duplicate the DiSC model and create their own versions based on the original assessment created by Dr. John Geier.

    23. 363 for Leaders Profile uses specific, constructive rater feedback to help develop better leaders through a better understanding of the leader’s behavioral strengths, challenges, and blind spots.
      The profile is designed for leaders at every level, whether they’re emerging, high-potential leaders or experienced executives.  The Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile focuses on the big picture of leading an organization or group and the way the leader affects the entire group.  363 for Leaders is filled with useful information and data from the points or view of both the leader and the raters.

    24. DiSC Profiles help develop emotional intelligence (EQ), but they do not measure it.
      Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, understand, use and manage emotions in positive ways to communicate effectively, empathize with others, defuse conflict, ease frustration and relieve stress.

    25. The original DiSC Profile, called the DiSC Personal Profile System, was developed in 1970.
      Since then the DiSC Profile has evolved through three generations:  the DiSC Paper Profile (first generation), online DiSC Classic (second generation) and Everything DiSC (third generation) which is the most accurate of all versions (32% more accurate than the DiSC Classic).

Intesi! Resources, an Authorized Everything DiSC Partner of Wiley, is a DiSC Profile expert.
We continuously provide the coaching and consulting support necessary to make our customers confident, competent and successful in blending the DiSC language into their corporate culture from top to bottom.

Intesi! offers a multitude of behavioral profile tests and other resources to help individual coaches/trainers, large and small business, job hunters, students and others develop leadership skills, enhance communication and optimize productivity.  Intesi! Resources is staffed with experienced DiSC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness) personnel, which includes a Certified DiSC Trainer for additional guidance and insight.

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