The DiSC Profile - Most Trusted Learning Instrument Available Anywhere
  • Develop self-awareness
  • Connect better with others
  • Improve communication
  • Manage conflict
  • Develop teams, sales, managers, leaders
1st Generation: DiSC Classic Paper Profile<br/>The Original DiSC Instrument
  • Each Booklet is self-contained
  • Response page with 28 sets of words
  • Instructions on responding, counting, plotting and graphing
  • Guidelines for interpretation
  • Training Kit Available
2nd Generation: DiSC Classic 2.0<br/>Learn About Yourself and Others Online
  • Online Version of original DiSC Profile
  • Scores presented in line graph
  • Immediate and Personalized Results
  • Easy to Understand Narrative Feedback
  • Training Kit Available
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Featured DiSC Products
Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile
Build better relationships, a powerful tool for improving workplace quality!
Everything DiSC® Productive Conflict Profile
Harness the power of workplace conflict.
Everything DiSC Work of Leaders® Profile
Work of Leaders generates powerful insights providing a clear path for action.
Everything DiSC® Management Profile
Discover your DiSC Management Style and Make Good Managers...Great Managers!
Everything DiSC® Sales Profile
Discover your DiSC Sales Style that helps salespeople build rapport & close more sales!
DiSC® Classic 2.0 Profile
The popular DiSC Classic in a Personalized 23-Page Online Version.

The DiSC Profile

Most Trusted Learning Instrument Available Anywhere!

Your BEST Expert Source for The Original DiSC Profile and DiSC Personality Test

DiSC®: A Solution-Based Assessment with Facilitation Systems and Professional Training Kits.

What Will Intesi! and DiSC Do For You?

Whether you are new to DiSC or have experience that you want to take to the next level, you will be able to work closely with our Wiley/Inscape Certified Trainer to become the DiSC expert in your organization. We will provide assistance and guidance with all aspects of instructional design from product selection, course design and implementation using our fully customizable trainer systems, EPIC system administration and activities for your organizational development needs.

Every DiSC Product offered by Intesi!, whether in the Online Version or Paper Booklet Version, is completely self-contained and ready for use. The results, upon completion, do NOT require interpretation by any outside service...the results are completely self-interpreted. Any questions will be answered by calling our knowledgeable, friendly customer service staff. Certification is NOT required for either personal or business use of any of our products. DiSC Trainer Certification is offered, as an option, for those individuals requiring that professional accreditation.

Intesi! Resources Develops Human CapitalHuman Capital is defined as "The set of skills which an employee acquires on the job, through training and experience, and which increase that employee's value in the marketplace".

Intesi! Resources is an expert in helping you develop your Human Capital with new critical competencies. Individuals and corporate entities desperately need to prevail in our ever changing and competitive global business environment.

Developing Skills like: Collaboration, Integration and Innovation are necessary to master and absolutely key to competing successfully in today's business environment. These essential soft skills can never be outsourced, replaced, or made obsolete.

Think of Intesi! Resources as your In-Sourcing Partner
helping you develop these vital skills and making them an integral part of your personal and business processes.

We know change begins with insight, takes shape through targeted action, and is fueled by ongoing success.

We have the business expertise and time-tested products to help you create those insights, actions and ongoing successes.

The Power of The Everything DiSC ProfileThe Power of The Everything DiSC Profile

The Everything DiSC Profile is the latest and most accurate version of DiSC available anywhere.

The Everything DiSC Profiles are 32% more accurate than the DiSC Classic 2.0 Profile. It is known as the 3rd generation DiSC Model with DiSC Classic Paper Version as the 1st generation and The DiSC Classic 2.0 Online Version as the second generation models. Based on well documented scientific approaches that assess personality and also the understanding of how to specifically develop the critical soft skills of interpersonal communication, the profile empowers individuals with the ability to understand themselves and others to a higher degree. It has many distinct parts that permit it to accurately measure the priorities of specific areas that include: Conflict, Sales, Management, Leadership and Workplace interactions. It also includes in-depth results, action plans, success concepts and ideas that produce effective outcomes.

Individuals who complete any Everything DiSC Profile will see their report results indicated on a circular graph or “circumplex,” also known as an Everything DiSC Map. The profile questionnaire offers the recipient a series of statements, that they respond to on a 5-point scale, charting their degree of agreement or disagreement with each of the statements. The traditional DiSC Classic Profile shows the results in a four quadrant graph that scores each quadrant (D, i, S, C) separately. In the new Everything DiSC version all the scores are integrated into a single result that is indicated as a “dot” that is placed inside the circle that is divided into eight equally spaced slices.

The Everything DiSC Profile is a resounding success garnering rave reviews for every corner of business. Take an Everything DiSC Profile today and see what the whole world is talking about!

How is a DiSC Personality Test Used?How is a DiSC Personality Test Used?

Used by Consultants, Human Resource Executives and Trainers, Speakers, Business Trainers, Leaders, Managers, Counselors, Mentors, Religious Organizations and Clergy, Private and Public Schools, Colleges and Universities and Government Agencies.

These productivity improvement tools, training solutions, and the DiSC Profile has been used worldwide by over 50 million people to improve their personal lives and professional careers for over 30 years.

Other Terms that refer to DiSC are: DiSC Personality Test, DiSC Profile, DiSC Test, DiSC Assessment, and DiSC Training

What Can a DiSC Profile Deliver?What Can a DiSC Profile Deliver?

Awareness of your personal behavioral tendencies and the tendencies of others. When you implement the results of DiSC you and your organizational teams will develop a distinct competitive edge. A DiSC Profile can help your group communicate better internally and focus on issues rather than petty and curable personality conflicts. People that understand their strengths and limitations are able to adapt to the needs of others and their environment in ways that lead to maximum effectiveness and organizational growth.

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An Overview Of What a DiSC Assessment Is

The DiSC Personality Test explores people's behavioral style based on their personality, behavioral tendencies and the situations they find themselves in, revealing behavioral tendencies under certain specific situations---How you and others tend to behave under stress, in a team, when in conflict, when communicating, when fearful, when avoiding certain activities, when problem-solving, etc. The DiSC Personality Test is not only a test to discover personality, but the resulting report also indicates areas of strengths, weaknesses, motivations, behavioral tendencies, and strategies to increase your daily effectiveness in your personal life and career pursuits.

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What Can a DiSC Profile Deliver?What Are The Benefits Of Using a DiSC Test?

One of the greatest benefits of DiSC is the development and use of a common language for talking about feelings, thoughts and behavior in a language that is objective and non-judgmental---describing what is, not what should be.

DiSC enables everyone to discover why most people react in a unique way. When there's insufficient understanding, remarks and reactions tend to be regarded as personal. Recognizing other styles helps you to communicate in a much more productive approach by modifying your behavior to appeal to styles that happen to be totally different from your own.

Instead of being at each other, you and your organization can learn to be with each other...creating true success!